Tellurian Biodiesel, Inc. is a California based biodiesel production, marketing and distribution company. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we are California’s leading independent marketer and distributor of biodiesel. Our relationships with supply and distribution partners give us the ability to distribute biodiesel throughout the United States.

Tellurian specializes in high quality, sustainably produced biodiesel. It is our objective to be the largest producer of biodiesel from recycled and second-use materials in the United States.

We are recycled feedstock experts and have assembled one of the best teams in the biodiesel industry. We optimize our production facilities to use lower cost used cooking oil and animal fats. Our plants are designed and built to serve regional markets with strong demand and locally available feedstocks. Tellurian partners with leading feedstock companies, strategic site partners, fuel distributors, end users and advanced biorefinery technology providers to create the highest quality biodiesel.

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